1.5L Hydrogen Rich Portable Sports Water Bottle


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💙 Quick-Recovery Hydrogen Jug

Helps decrease inflammation

Improves gut health

Reduces oxidative stress

Support healthy aging and cognitive function

1.5L Hydrogen Hydrogen Water Bottle Hydrogen-oxygen Separation High Concentration Hydrogen Water Generator for Fitness Travel

Stay hydrated all day with the 1.5L capacity hydrogen water bottle, meeting your daily hydration needs effortlessly.
Experience top-notch hydrogen-rich water with advanced ion membrane technology for potential antioxidant and health benefits.
Take worry-free hydration on the go with the leak-proof design, perfect for the gym, running, or outdoor activities.
Enjoy the convenience of easily producing hydrogen water anytime, anywhere with the simple and easy-to-use generator.
Transform ordinary water into high-quality hydrogen-rich water and immerse yourself in the benefits of this breakthrough technology.

Product Name: Hydrogen-rich portable pot
Product material: platinum sheet/food grade PC/SPE film
Capacity: 1500ml
Hydrogen concentration: 1200ppb-2400ppb
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Hydrogen production time: 6min
Charging method: USB

How to use:
1. Pour an appropriate amount of drinking water into the bottle
2. Tighten the bottle cap and invert the kettle
3. Turn on the switch to start hydrogen production
4. Let it stand for 6-18 minutes, the longer the time, the higher the hydrogen concentration
Material: PC
colour: grey



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